November 2014

How much is your business worth?

Are you are start-up looking to raise some money, perhaps by crowdfunding, but not sure how much your business is worth? The US based company EquityNet has a great little valuation tool. Not for the faint hearted, but a useful starting input to your strategic discussion.  


Crowdfunding – the elephant in the room

According to the Daily Telegraph last month, there is an elephant in the room with crowdfunding. With the arguable exception of the German platform, Companisto, investors have yet to make any money from their crowdfunding investments. Nevertheless with Nesta reporting a market growing by 200% to £84m year-on-year, it’s clearly an equity funding which has […]


Learnings from a failed crowd-funding pitch

With all the hype around crowdfunding one might think it was the answer to a maiden’s prayers. Not so for ParcelHero’s MD. In an interview for realbusiness he explains what went wrong. 60% of all crowdfunding pitches fail. His errors? Launching in the summer; no early strategic investor; a poor introductory video; too much writing; […]


Don’t put your daughter on the authors’ stage

Simon Kuper, the Financial Times columnist knows a thing or two about writing. He’s won awards for his works. His advice to would-be authors – “To survive in this former profession, you probably need a rich spouse or rich parents” The median annual income of British professional writers (ie people whose main job is writing) […]


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