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The world’s economists are out of ammo…

In an assessment of the world economy, the Economist paints a downbeat picture. World stockmarkets are in bear territory; gold (which improves when all else is looking bleak) has had its best start to a year in more than three decades; the cost of insurance against bank default has surged; talk of recession in America is […]

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A closer look at the government’s reform to grants funding

A report from Business Advice and Grant Tree outlines some of the proposed changes to grant funding. Cheriton believes that grants are still a great way to fund innovation and encourage new ideas – let’s keep them…    

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Poor planning could cost SMEs £25bn

Economia reports that over a quarter of SMEs in Britain (26%) are putting their financial survival on the line by failing to follow a business plan. This is revealed in research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). Without a business plan, these firms have entered 2016 without any objectives, revenue targets or a plan […]

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UK and Scottish governments ‘must back creative industries’

A report from the BBC headlines the recommendations of a Westminster committee that the UK and Scottish governments should work more closely to support the creative industries in Scotland.

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How to navigate through the market storm

A view from Hargreaves Lansdown’s Mark Dampier:

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Crowdfunded technology investment to top $8bn by 2020

Total funds raised on technology-based campaigns could see a seven-fold increase, according to a report by Juniper.  

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