We provide real experience of working as a team player – we listen and provide a service which offers:

  • A trusted sounding board for ideas, issues and risk management.
  • An expert focus on improving cash flow and profitability
  • Proactive advice and support to identify potential cost, cash, revenue and profit opportunities.
  • Financial projections and interpretative reports; investment strategy, business plans and forecasts
  • Non-exec director and company secretarial support. Management of accounting staff.
  • Reduction of cycle time and improvement of quality and cost of financial information.
  • Support and implementation of corporate re-structuring, transactions and contract negotiations.
  • Relationship management of stakeholders, including external advisors and finance professionals (such as accountants, auditors, lawyers, bankers and sources of external funds and investors).
  • Support for implementation of key projects. Resolution of HR, recruitment and legal issues.
  • Hands-on support when needed.


We will help you achieve:

  • Lower commercial risks
  • Expert financial advice on potential business ventures and transactions.
  • Appropriate management information and clear-thinking financial advice to help you make more informed business decisions.
  • Financial evaluation of strategic plans for presentation to stakeholders.
  • Timely production and interpretation of the numbers.
  • Financial review of business investment decisions, including sales and growth projections.
  • Support to maintain regulatory compliance in a changing financial legislative environment.
  • Identification of operational efficiencies and process improvements.
  • Lower costs, improved sales and raised profitability.
  • Stronger cash flows and working capital management.
  • Business grooming for due diligence, acquisition or exit.


All this leads to stronger cash flows, greater profitability
and higher exit pricing…