January 2020

£23bn withheld from stressed SMEs in 2019 by late payers…

Data from Pay.UK, which runs the Bacs Direct Credit and Direct Debit payment services, shows that late payments to SMEs have reached a four-year high, with 54% seeing delays to payments last year. Reported in the Scotsman, the analysis, which shows that the total late payments bill hit £23bn in 2019, also reveals that more […]


ICAEW say late payment bullies need to be stood up to and in the new parliament, late payment should be seen as a key priority.

The ICAEW accountancy body have expressed concern over late payments and are urging the government to act. Overdue payments are the bane of small business, and it’s been estimated that 50,000 business failures in 2014 could have been avoided if everyone paid within 30 days says Market Finance in its latest communication . What can […]


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