Business owners recognise that future success and growth depends upon securing strong financial guidance and planning.

Companies may be at any stage in the business cycle, but are perhaps for some reason facing increasing commercial risks, inadequate management information or the need for cash.

Management need to make decisions and may well feel able to carry out the business mission without further support, but are hindered by competing demands on their time and expertise. They may not have a trusted sounding board for their ideas and have understandable discomfort about exposing the business, its confidential information and their business to someone who is new, unknown and untested.

However, all want access to comprehensive financial experience, so are seeking a trustworthy individual, with a flexible approach prepared to help their business get to grips with the financial challenges and deliver results. They don’t have the resources to employ someone full time and are therefore looking for “smart time” cost-effective support from someone with whom they can build a long-term relationship.

Much of the demand for Cheriton’s expertise has been from SMEs in the Technology, Media and Telecoms arena, but Cheriton welcomes clients from all sectors. Some of our current and former clients include:


  • High technology, media and telecoms business
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Wholesale distributor of safety equipment to the agricultural sector
  • London docklands water property management company supported by the public and private sector with a regeneration project remit
  • Service provider for a car manufacturer providing dealer support services via a call-centre
  • Designer fashion sourcing company providing the development and production of branded apparel to retail
  • Fashion trend forecasting company
  • Ofcom regulated cutting edge TV broadcast business
  • Start-up company distributing USA designed hair-care products to UK and European markets
  • Business process and standards consultancy
  • On-line photo imaging business
  • Architectural and interior photography business
  • Energy trading company
  • Image based cross device instant messaging service
  • Mobile gaming software business seeking an MBO
  • Payment services provider
  • Luxury fashion goods designer and distributor
  • CRM software services provider
  • Executive coaching consultancy
  • Medical membership society and hospital charity