You have an idea…

You need to match your passions and resources with the size and risks of the opportunity. You will probably be thinking about your early business plan, business structure and finance resources.

Planning your cash flows whilst developing your business model will be crucial, as will identifying the key priorities for success.

Cheriton can give early support with the financials needed in drawing up a business plan to attract new investors, provide help with bank (and other finance source) negotiations, and choosing other advisors and staff.

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Your business has developed its product or service and you may have your first customers. Working capital may be self-sourced or have been supported by friends and family.

You must conserve cash without limiting the commercial opportunity and get to market quickly.

Plans must be flexible, adjusted as events impact and the impact assessed quickly. It’s a risky time when cash and resource needs must be assimilated in real time.

Cheriton can provide flexible financial planning expertise, investment advice and be a solid commercial sounding board.

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If the adrenaline hasn’t started to flow yet, it does now. Revenues are growing (hopefully profits are tracking projections..!) and management needs to focus more attention on the competition.

Your team will need more sophisticated systems and processes to strengthen the organisation and cope with more demanding HR and management tasks. This may quickly outgrow the capabilities of existing staff and recruitment can be a key issue.

New business development imperatives may need fresh thinking and perhaps a new business plan to yield the necessary financial returns. Better management and accounting systems and processes may be required. Lack of timely financial information is often the major barrier to growth.

Cheriton can provide proactive and cost effective input to help your company develop and improve implementation success.

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Business as usual can trap the unwary. Stable routines and long-standing customers give a feeling of well-being, but in today’s world change is the only constant.

The harsh reality is that most businesses don’t last more than 10 years. It can be hard to prioritise the seeking out of new opportunities in the face of the daily challenges of an established business.

Now more than ever management needs to undertake a thorough strategic review of the business. Take a longer term timeframe and review the business model scenarios and expansion options.  It’s time to look for new growth opportunities and the unseen financial risks, to drive for improved efficiency and clarity of vision of the financial future.

Cheriton brings independence, coupled with an analytical approach built on broad commercial and financial experience that can bring financial clarity to refreshing your business strategy in the face of an ever changing environment.

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You’re seeking to diversify in existing markets with new products or have found new, possibly international, markets for your existing products and services. The business is on an expansion path.

Great news, but risks abound with these new strategies. New customers and markets bring new challenges. Financial plans need adapting and updating. Parts of your business may suddenly behave like start-up or early growth stage businesses.

The constructive approach to such a mission would be:

(i)            Which tasks are crucial?

(ii)           What resources/constraints apply?

Cheriton can help you prioritise and provide the right financial information and action plans to help secure stronger cash flows and profitability.

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Pressure on sales, margins and cash flows with increasing competition brings back the adrenalin with a different focus. Seeking new opportunities, including acquisitions, and cutting costs are urgent tasks.

Dealing with the tyranny of today’s urgencies takes time away from addressing the important longer term survival and turn-around strategies. The owner needs to envisage the future, energise the staff and focus on flawless execution.

Cheriton will help achieve this, acting as a sounding board for new investments and assessing the financial implications of bold decisions.

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Whether you’ve decided it’s time to cash in after years of hard work or you just want a plan to do such in the future, there is a lot to be done. Starting with calculating what your business is worth?

The market sets a price and sadly this is often less than the business owner believes it should be. To maximise value you need to be clear about your exit strategy and give yourself time to prepare and execute effectively.

Cheriton can help not only set realistic expectations, but can prepare your business for the inevitable financial due diligence by any would-be purchaser. This review of the financials is crucial to maximizing value. Preparation requires an exacting approach to documenting your business’ strengths, and existing staff may have neither the time nor the capability for this crucial task. Cheriton can help make sure the right decisions are made, plans are executed and expectations achieved, giving you the ability to sell from strength.

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