Has your business been affected by customers using poor payment practices with you?

Research by the FSB in 2015 revealed that almost one in five small businesses had been subject to some form of poor payment tactics. They are looking for small businesses to tell their stories to be used by local MPs in a debate in Westminster in the following poor payment practice areas:

1) Flat fees – ‘pay to stay’

2) Excessively long payment terms – ‘pay you later’

3) Exceeding payment agreements – ‘late payment’

4) Discounts for prompt payment – ‘one for you, one for us’

5) Retrospective discounting – ‘balance sheet bonuses’

If you have a story that you would like to share (the FSB will ensure you remain anonymous if you prefer) then please do get in touch with them via the link below and also let them have the name of your local MP.

The deadline is 22 January 2015.